About CrossFit 04:35

CrossFit 04:35 provides a genuine CrossFit experience for everyone. 

We are dedicated to delivering safe, fun and effective exercise programmes to people of every age and ability.
Our core values:  DETAIL, HUMBLE, TEAM, GRIND.

We take pride in limiting our numbers to 12 people per class. Our specific individualised approach allows you to flourish as an athlete and become the best version of yourself. We guarantee we can develop you to your maximum potential and push you to the brink of what you thought was possible.

The atmosphere within the box is one where you will feel welcomed and comfortable training with people from diverse backgrounds and skill. We encourage and celebrate every goal reached, no matter how long it takes you to get there!


Kids Crossfit

CrossFit 04:35 are certified kids and teen instructors. With exciting and fun programming you will instil in your children a love of exercise, and so much more!


At CrossFit 04:35 you are much more than someone who just wants to workout. You are part of our friendly community who inspire, motivate and achieve together.
Self-improvement requires dedication, commitment and grind.
We understand the challenges that people face daily, yet still, manage to come and grind out a workout.
It is due to these factors that we acknowledge each and every one of our team as TROOPER.